How to Protect Your Resident Unit Manager in All Eventualities

As a growing property investor, you may have just closed on a large, multi-unit development and are in the process of setting everything up so you can welcome your first occupants. You will undoubtedly put in place a strata management team to deal with all the varied issues that will inevitably arise and will need to appoint a resident unit manager to be the principal link on the ground. This is a challenging task by itself, and you will certainly need to appoint somebody who is very competent.

General Liability Insurance: 4 Risks That May Not Be Covered

Some inexperienced contractors may think that their contractor general liability insurance covers all the likely risks that they may face in their work. Such contractors may not know that they may need riders or separate policies for certain risks that could have been excluded from the general liability coverage. This article discusses some of the additional risks for which you may need additional business insurance coverage. Protective Professional Indemnity It is wise for you to acquire some form of protective professional indemnity.

Workers' Compensation: Understanding Your Obligations as an Employer

Proper insurance is essential for your business because it provides financial and legal protection against potential risks. The types of covers which you will require for your company will depend on the pertinent type of business, size of company and even the industry. One of the most important forms of insurance is workers' compensation. This insurance will provide financial cover for medical bills and even lost wages for the employees if they sustain injuries or contract diseases when performing company work.

Different Types of Construction Insurance You Could Consider

If you plan on embarking on a construction project, it would be pertinent to get construction insurance. This type of insurance offers various policies that will cover a myriad of risks, ranging from natural disasters on the site to injuries to your employees, damage to materials and more. In order to get the insurance cover that will satisfy your individual project's needs, you would have to be familiar with the options that are available to you.

5 Questions You Should Ask When Getting a Quote for Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance covers a range of expenses that you may incur if you have a rental property. If you are a landlord and wondering if landlord insurance is right for you, you should call an agent. To guide you toward the right policy, here are the questions you should ask. 1. Does this current situation require landlord insurance? In some cases, your homeowner's insurance may suffice for your needs. For example, if you are only renting your home out for a few weeks, only renting a single room in your home or living in an owner-occupied duplex, your homeowner's insurance may meet your needs.